DeepFocus WordPress Photo Theme

DeepFocus WordPress Photo Theme

If you are looking for one impressive wordpress theme geared towards your photos please take a look at this theme.  It is absolutely stunning. You can run your online photo gallery while still maintaining all of the features of a normal blog. Along with the gallery layout, DeepFocus comes with a robust blog and CMS-style homepage as well, making it an amazing solution for artists/photographers looking to build an online presence.

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DeepFocus Features:

Five Unique Color Palettes

DeepFocus includes five different color variations. When the regular color isn’t your thing, then try switching to the Wooden, Stone, Green or Noise color schemes.

Optional blog-style structure

Despite the fact that DeepFocus was made to be a CMS with a Page-Based structure, you may also run the theme just like a normal blog instead.

Automatic thumbnail resizing

This theme makes use of timthumb to immediately resize your thumbnail images. For that reason, only one thumbnail images is needed for each post, despite the various thumbnail sizes used in the theme.

Advertising management

With DeepFocus you can place 125×125 banner images in your sidebar and 468×60 ads to your post pages with ease. Advertisements are handled from within wp-admin, and can be turned on and off at any time.

Advanced Features

ePanel theme options

Fine-tuning your site hasn’t been easier. With our advanced theme options page, you’re given complete control over your theme and its various settings. Improving usability is important to us, and we have made an effort to greatly enhance your user experience.

Shortcodes collection

Designing and organizing your posts hasn’t been easier. With these large assortment of shortcodes you are able to produce stunning and intricate layouts with ease, greatly enhancing the functionality and variety of your content.

Complete localization

This theme may be localized for easy translation. Using the theme’s MO and PO files, you can quickly translate the design without having to hunt through the theme’s PHP files to change each word.

Support and updates

Having a well designed theme doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have a way insure its longevity. As long as you are a member of ElegantThemes, you can be sure that your theme will always be compatible with the latest version of WordPress and that our tech support staff will be there to assist you.

You can purchase this theme for only $69 and the great thing is that you have access to ever other theme available (currently 87 themes!) with unlimited site usage from ElegantThemes

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  1. I do not have WordPress or my own domain. I would like to purchase the DeepFocus theme, but I don’t know where to start.

  2. Hi Bob,

    To use Deepfocus you would need to purchase the theme, a domain name and hosting. If you need help setting any of that up let me know.

  3. I think I would like to buy this template but I have no idea how to even get started with WordPress to make it all look good. Are there any tutorials out there with showcasing photography as a a main objective, like this one?

  4. Hi Kamila, I’m working on it! :)

  5. Being a wordpress poweruser I’d already seen this one before I found your blog. It’s amazing how many great photography/portfolio themes there are now. Like magazine themes, they’ve exploded onto the scene only in the last several years.

  6. Yep! My brother uses this theme on his site. I do like it! But, of course, what you put on a portfolio photography theme makes the site. :)

  7. hi!

    is it possible to run this theme without the blog function? just the pictures??

  8. Hi
    I really love this theme, but I’m a little gun-shy at this point. I’ve had rather a hard time using a complicated theme, and I’m hoping this one is user friendly?

    Is there support available for me?

    Just some things I’d like to know before I commit! haha!
    Thanks so much,
    Love the theme!

  9. Hello. In the demo under the Portfolio tab, is there a limit to the number of drop down pages? For example if I wanted to showcase 8 different galleries is that possible?


  10. Hi Chris, you can create unlimited dropdown menus as you need them. I’ll hopefully be creating some videos in the future that show how to set up Deepfocus, but haven’t had the chance yet.

  11. Hello, new to building a website. Is there a way to make the blog page full width so I could place larger pictures in a blog I would like to start. Also, is there a way to place the the entire blog post on the page and remove the thumbnail and abbreviated post. This way someone could just scroll down and read from blog to blog.
    This theme is beautiful and I look forward to getting it all ready.


  12. This is a great theme – almost exactly what I’m looking for.

  13. hi! is it possible to run this theme without the blog function? just the pictures?? I can’t remove the outdated blog off the front page?

  14. Hi Simon, yes of course you can move the blog somewhere else, say under a page called blog and then set your homepage to use another standard page.

    You can do that in your WordPress admin by going to Settings > Reading and selecting a static page for your homepage.

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