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10 Quotes by Famous Photographers

I found some awesome quotes from famous photographers and wanted to share. I really liked these and decided to create some graphics from them. Hope you like them. You might have heard of some of them, but if there's any you haven't heard of I suggest googling or...

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Pin Templates for Pinterest

Here are some free pin templates you can use on Pinterest to promote your photography. Hopefully you're using Photoshop because these templates are PSD files you can easily edit in Photoshop. Not all of these templates are made for photographers, although you can...

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17 Beautiful Photos of Canada via Instagram

I've never been to Canada, but these photos make me want to go. They're beautiful and mesmerizing. After my last post on amazing photos from Instagram I wanted to revisit after stumbling upon @ExploreCanada's Instagram account. The first click and I was hooked.  If...

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New WordPress 3.6 is here

WordPress.org just released the latest update to WP with version 3.6 that includes some new features and security updates.  As always it's recommended you upgrade your site(s) if not for the mere security updates alone.  If you'd like to download the new version click...

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