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How to Install the Photocrati Theme with Setup Instructions

This video goes over installing the latest version of the popular Photocrati WordPress theme.  If you’re wondering about installation or what options you have in this theme then this video goes over it all. I cover basic theme installation, the complete customization settings as well as setting up photo galleries, ecommerce galleries, menus, logo and overall will help you get up and running in no time.  Yes, the video is 49 minutes long, but I was trying to go as fast as I can while covering all the topics. If you have any specific questions regarding the setup of...

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Install WordPress in CPanel using Fantastico DeLuxe

This video shows you how to easily install WordPress if you have hosting that includes a CPanel control panel with Fantastico.  A lot of hosting companies offer CPanel with Fantastico DeLuxe.  Fantastico DeLuxe allows you to install a lot of different scripts onto your website within just a few clicks, including the awesome WordPress CMS platform. If you want install WordPress onto your own hosting account (which is recommended) then this is really one of the easiest ways to do that.  Some people find installing WordPress the manual way daunting, especially if you’re not used to creating databases and...

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Rewind – Photography WordPress Theme

[rev_slider rewind] Rewind is a new,  responsive, retina ready WordPress theme perfect for photographers of all kinds. Narrow and full-width viewport with left and centered layout positions Unique gallery viewer with mouse wheel. Draggable and swipeable (for touch devices) Gallery images lazy load Automated tags extraction from image IPTC data and automated creation of media-tags archives Dynamic thumbnails creation – no need to regenerate your thumbnails Drop-down menu or classy menu nesting 500px and Flickr RSS image extraction Full Colors and Typography control Password protected posts and galleries Fullscreen video Fully localized (sample .po and .mo files included) Showcase...

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21 Quotes by Photographers on Photography

Because of the popularity of my other posts about quotes by photographers I decided to create some more. In making these I’m learning a lot more about the photographers who wrote these words. Each one of these gives a little insight into the thoughts of each one.  I don’t think I need to say that if you’re a photographer that it’s good to study the masters.  You probably already do.  I have tons of books on graphic design and only a few on photography at the moment.  I’m going to change that.  Hope you enjoy! Here are quotes by...

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13 Cool Quotes About Photography

I had a good time creating the last batch of quote images and saw such a great response, so I decided to spend some more time this evening creating a few more.  Designing these I think really helps me to remember, not only the quotes, but the photographers and people who coined the phrases.  Please feel free to pin them to Pinterest or share them on Facebook. Helen Mirren isn’t a famous photographer, but I really liked this quote by her. This quote is not by a photographer but I thought it was pretty funny. Thanks for checking out...

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