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21 Quotes by Photographers on Photography

Because of the popularity of my other posts about quotes by photographers I decided to create some more. In making these I'm learning a lot more about the photographers who wrote these words. Each one of these gives a little insight into the thoughts of each one.  I...

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13 Cool Quotes About Photography

I had a good time creating the last batch of quote images and saw such a great response, so I decided to spend some more time this evening creating a few more.  Designing these I think really helps me to remember, not only the quotes, but the photographers and people...

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New Modern Photography WordPress Theme

Lens is designed with a stunning yet modern, minimal, flat design. LENS features fullscreen slideshows and galleries, grid based photo galleries and a journal otherwise known as a standard blog to keep visitors up-to-date. Fully packed with fullscreen slideshows, grid...

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