I totally fell in love with Kristina Petrosiute’s photos as soon as I laid eyes on them.  So, so many great photos available from her flickr page.  She’s from Lithuania, but currently resides in Reykjavík, Iceland

… arguably the best possibly place to take photos.  She has a blog, but it seems her flickr page is more up-to-date.  Be sure to check them out.  Here’s 20 photos of hers that are totally awesome.Kristina-Petrosiute-1 Kristina-Petrosiute-2 Kristina-Petrosiute-3 Kristina-Petrosiute-4 Kristina-Petrosiute-5 Kristina-Petrosiute-6 Kristina-Petrosiute-7 Kristina-Petrosiute-8 Kristina-Petrosiute-9 Kristina-Petrosiute-10 Kristina-Petrosiute-11 Kristina-Petrosiute-12 Kristina-Petrosiute-13 Kristina-Petrosiute-14 Kristina-Petrosiute-15 Kristina-Petrosiute-16 Kristina-Petrosiute-17 Kristina-Petrosiute-18 Kristina-Petrosiute-19 Kristina-Petrosiute-20

All of these photos are copyright Kristina Petrosiute. If you repost these please give her credit and link back to her.

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