I just stumbled onto this plugin that allows you to pull your pins on Pinterest automatically into WordPress to display them on your own site.

You can create posts or pages that displays your latest pins and it auto-updates in intervals on however much you want… from minutes, days, weeks.  Once you create your first gallery of pins you don’t have to do anything else.

You can post pins from yours own pinterest page or someone else.  You can pin all pins, or just from specific boards.  You can even select certain pins to not display in each gallery.

I was going to produce my own video for this but the creator of the plugin has already put one together that shows how to use the plugin.  It’s super simple with straightforward options I think anyone can understand. See below.

I’ve used this on a separate domain I own to display my own pins.  But you could easily display other people’s pins as well if you wanted to showcase awesome pins from someone you really love.

Pinterest to WordPress


This plugin allows you to update your WordPress site with pins from any Pinterest page. So if you’re an active Pinterest user you can easily display your latest pins from any board you choose onto your own site.

Here’s a screenshot of the admin section in WordPress where you can create a new gallery.


You can get the plugin for $14 right now from CodeCanyon.

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