Flashlike Photographer is a unique photography theme which showcases your photos on full-screen mode; this would mean, that all photos which you have uploaded appear as your WordPress theme’s background. The background doubles as a slideshow area as well. Flashlike Photographer is a sleek unique WordPress theme layout which can surely attract photography aficionados.

Flashlike Photographer is CMS Theme for photographers. It allows you to publish your photos and present them in the best way possible.

View the live demo here.

Flashlike Photographer comes with comprehensive options page where you can set various parameters, such as:

  • Custom logotype
  • Google analytics code
  • Twitter username
  • Control how many tweets you want to display
  • Slide show interval

Key Features

  • Slideshow mode
  • Threaded comments with AJAX submission
  • Fullscreen photos
  • Auto thumbnails generation
  • Drop down menu for categories
  • Twitter integration

Your images appear as the background; you can change the background by clicking on a different image on the gallery slider

When you click on a page, the entire page blackens out and a Javascript based pop-up box appears

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