WordPress Slideshow Plugin w/ Ken Burns Transitions

Absolutely loving this new slideshow plugin for WordPress. It’s called the Estro Slider and allows you to add super cool Ken Burns style slideshows to any post or page on your WordPress website. And the best part is that it doesn’t use Adobe Flash at all.  There’s a bunch of cool features to this slideshow plugin, including an easy to use admin interface to easily set up slideshows just like the one you see above in minutes.

The Ken Burns style transitions make your photos and images come to life.  I think it’s a nice change of pace from the normal style slideshows you see online that are simple fades or swipes… or worse, have no transition effects at all.  And this plugin allows you to create unlimited sliders, or slideshows you can literally drop into any page or post on your site.  And you can customize each slideshow in a bunch of different ways.

I know this plugin is going to be a hit with photographers, but I am also thinking that other industries could make use of this plugin… such as the real estate market.  You could easily create slideshows for each property using this plugin.  And what about the travel industry.  I could see this plugin being used for vacation rental and B&B websites powered by wordpress.

Check out these features, pretty amazing.

Frontend Features

  • Ken Burns or Swipe transition modes available
  • Insert unlimited sliders
  • Insert unlimited slides in each slider
  • Mix and match slider skins
  • Works on mobile (iPhone, iPad ? iOS 4.3)
  • Slides uses only valid HTML5 markup (SEO optimized)
  • Supports inline YouTube / Vimeo videos + app redirects on iOS devices (Youtube)
  • Optional animated popup preview thumbnails, including a Ken Burns transition
  • Can have any custom size
  • Integrated cross-browser animated circular timer
  • Includes 4 ready to use skins
  • Custom per slide timeout and animation settings
  • Optional lazy loading of images for faster loading
  • Includes all required photoshop files to make a custom skin

Backend Features

  • Comes with an ultra fast full ajax admin panel
  • Allows you to add/remove/edit sliders or slides, then save all data with a single server request
  • Incorporates automatic thumbnail generation (background process)
  • Includes a lightbox based live slider preview feature, without even needing to save your changes first
  • Built in clone slider or slide feature for faster editing
  • Supports drag and drop sorting of slides
  • Insert images with the WordPress media uploader or paste a url
  • Slide hyperlinks are lightbox compatible
  • Visual help documentation has been included into the admin panel for quick referencing
  • Help documents include a “Quick Start” guide to get your slider created and inserted into your page in a few simple steps

View the Ken Burns Slideshow Demo below:

[pe_estro_slider id=”2″]

Usage Video:

Anyway, I’m just playing around with this plugin now and pretty excited about it.  I still haven’t tried adding a slider to a sidebar yet, but I imagine that is pretty easy to do.  I also should point out that I always use firefox or Chrome for my browser and the slider shows up nicely in both.  So if you’re using IE and experience any problems leave a comment below.  Or if you’ve starting using Estro and just want to show off your site, leave your comment below.

To learn more visit the Estro Slider page.

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